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Land Use and Zoning: City and County

Depending upon your intentions regarding a piece of property, land use and zoning matters for property owners, commercial developers, and individuals will have to be addressed with the local city and / or county government.

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Land Use and Zoning

Land use and zoning laws were established to ensure specifically how and where commercial and residential property areas are utilized in the growth of geographic locations.

These land use and zoning laws not only establish the unique boundaries between residential, commercial business, and industrial areas, but also may include restrictions for minimum distances from structures such as schools, churches, government facilities, or other residential or commercial entitles.

Understanding how land use and zoning laws apply to property or land you are interested in is extremely important in any real estate decision that you make. Failure to do so may be costly or hinder your ability to achieve your business goals relating to the property or land in question.

Zoning: A County-by-County Matter

Zoning follows each county's Comprehensive Land Use Plan. Changes or modifications in land use and zoning typically requires an alteration or amendment of the county's Future Land Use Map, which are developed to anticipate land use changes related to growth, development, and infrastructure needs such as roads and sewers.

Other factors which may have to be taken into consideration are the impact the development of property may have regarding the regulations of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Water Management Districts, and the Army Corps of Engineers, or nearby protected areas.