Residential Real Estate Transactions

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In today's real estate climate, it's more affordable and more important than ever to handle real estate transactions correctly. Having an experienced residential real estate attorney at your side can make sure everything progresses in line with your best interests and in accordance with the law.

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Residential Real Estate Transactions

We've handled residential real estate transactions in Orlando and Central Florida for over 12 years. Some categories include:

- Residential sales and purchase: We can walk you through the legal aspects of purchasing real estate, above and beyond the expertise of a real estate agent.

- Condominium Development: Condominiums require different legal documentation than other types of real estate. Our attorneys can help you navigate the condominium development formation process.

- Real Estate Litigation: Boundary disputes, eminent domain law and other property ownership issues. Our firm has extensive experience providing dispute resolution and real estate litigation services.

- Residential real estate document preparation: Deeds, notes, etc..