Homeowner Association Law and Disputes

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HOA Disputes

There are occasions when homeowners and the Homeowner Association do not see eye-to-eye, which often leads to a Homeowner Association (HOA) dispute.

Preparing for your Consultation

When attending a free initial consultation with our firm, be sure to bring all Homeowner Association documents which cover the rules, regulations and bylaws of the community.

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HOA Disputes and Law

There are specific legal guidelines that stipulate both the authority and restrictions of the Homeowner Association with regard to those living within the community.

Having a full and detailed understanding of Homeowner Association Law can help the Homeowner Association from overstepping their authorities, dramatically reducing potential litigation disputes. For the homeowner, this same insight may aid in ensuring their legal rights are not violated.

Both the homeowner and Homeowner Association have rights, responsibilities, and protections under Florida Law. Being informed is in the best interest of the homeowner and a Homeowner Association.

New Homeowner Association Formation

If you are in a new development community and are forming a new Homeowner Association, our law firm can help you ensure the Association is set up properly, is properly registered as a Florida Corporation, and provide guidance in understanding Florida Homeowner Association Laws.