Eminent Domain Law

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Eminent Domain Law in Florida

The US Constitution, Florida Constitution, and Florida Statutes grant what is known as Eminent Domain. This gives the government the legal right to condemn private property for public use without the owner's consent.

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When attending a free initial consultation with our firm for eminent domain matters for your residence or business, be sure to bring all documents and letters that have been sent to you thus far from the State of Florida or federal government that indicate their interest in an eminent domain claim.

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Eminent Domain Law

Homeowners, Residential Property Owners, and Commercial Property owners have legal rights that may be able to protect them when the State of Florida or other governmental entities attempt to take their land, improvements, or business by the use of eminent domain.

The law contains strict regulations that assure that in order to claim your property under eminent domain the government must prove the need that the condemned property is justified, and that the government must provide full compensation to the owner or owners of the property.

Florida's Eminent Domain Protections

The State of Florida has lead the way in lawful protections of property owners against eminent domain. Florida's laws explicitly prohibit the transfer of property from one private owner to another via eminent domain with the exception of:

  • Utility Companies
  • Toll Road Corporations
  • Similar private utilities

Of all the States in the U. S., Florida property owners have nearly unequalled protections for private property. A consultation with an experienced law firm can assure that you receive adequate compensation if the claim is deemed to be justified.