Contractor Disputes

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Construction Contractor Disputes

During the course of a construction project, disputes among property owners and contractors may arise.

Too often, disputes involve conversations or verbal agreements between the contractor and the property owner.

Our firm provides representation for property owners, contractors and subcontractors involved in disputes over residential and commercial projects.

Preparing for your Consultation

Whether a contractor or property owner, please bring a copy of any contract(s) relating to the project in question to your initial free appointment with our firm. Also, have available any correspondence that has occurred between parties.

Property owners who believe they are being unfairly billed should also bring all project-related receipts to date.

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Homeowner and Contractor Disputes

Under Florida law, contractors have the right to place a construction lien on a home should the homeowner not pay.

Contractors wishing to place a lien should seek legal help to minimize delays and to preserve all opportunities to enforce the lien. Homeowners wishing to fight a lien should seek an experienced attorney knowledgable about construction liens.

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