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The Eviction Process Can Go Smoothly

The first step to a smooth eviction is being an immaculate landlord.

Our firm can help strengthen your case by helping to get your paperwork in order, which can help edge your matter toward an "open and shut" case. Also, we provide consulting to help ensure the validity of future evictions.

If you're a tenant who is being unfairly evicted, or whose rights are being violated, we can help defend your eviction.

Preparing for your Consultation

If you're a landlord, please bring a copy of the lease with you to your initial free appointment with our firm. Also, have at the ready any correspondence that has occurred to date with your tenant.

Tenants who believe they are being unfairly evicted should also bring a copy of their lease to the first appointment.

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A Landlord's Eviction Process in Florida

A relatively standard eviction in Florida is a multi-step process. More complicated evictions, such as Section 8 properties, are more complex.

  • A three-day or seven-day notice of eviction is served to tenant.
  • File the original complaint plus copies for each tenant with the County Clerk.
  • The County Clerk issues an Eviction Summons.
  • Sheriff's office or a private server serves the Eviction Summons.
  • Tenant has five days, not including weekends and holidays, to respond.
  • If no response from tenant, landlord files a Motion for Default
  • You provide the Final Judgment for Possession to the Clerk of the Court.
  • The County Clerk issues a Writ of Possession to the Sheriff
  • Sheriff posts a Notice of Removal on the tenant’s door, which affords the tenant 24 hours to vacate and remove personal property.
  • The eviction team at Lippman Law Offices has been handling eviction law for over 12 years. We've helped both landlords and tenants through each stage of the eviction process. For landlords, we offer an advisory service that helps ensure you're running a "tight ship", which may allow for smoother future evictions.